19 businesses from across the UK have been presented Shared Value Awards by homelessness charity Oasis Community Housing, in recognition of their corporate partnerships that go far beyond the traditional CSR reciprocity model.

“It’s the little things that enable us to offer people somewhere they feel they belong, not just a roof overhead,” explains David Smith, Chief Executive at Oasis Community Housing. “From financial support to businesses’ gifts of time as well as thoughtful donations, it’s all of these things that make us incredibly proud of our corporate partnerships.

“In return, because of our charitable strategic positioning in some of the toughest sections of society, we hope our lasting social and operational solutions can also provide useful insights for the businesses we work with.”

Oasis Community Housing’s Shared Value Awards programme recognises the successes achieved by each of the charity’s corporate partnerships. Awards are presented based on ‘Created Shared Value’, which is calculated based on income generated or donated as well as the charity’s own Shared Value markers.

Top Accolades

This year’s top accolade, the Diamond Award, was given to MFS, a global active investment manager that places corporate citizenship at the centre of their business. Oasis Community Housing was nominated for support by an employee of MFS who has directly benefitted from the work the charity is doing to help young people affected by homelessness to become independent and regain their confidence.

The Platinum Shared Value Award goes to Mamafurfur, an (already) award-winning Youtuber, blogger, podcaster and author – Jennifer Kempson. Jennifer said, “Part of our business strategy is to give and share with others, to allow them the building blocks of creating independence in their lives. It’s incredible to see the impact my contributions are making to people’s lives, Oasis Community Housing really struck a chord with me and my family and we are very thankful to have donated at the start of 2021 to such a worthy cause.”

Silver award winners Karbon Homes kicked-started the charity’s ‘Giving a Home’ Christmas campaign, (2020) leading the way in encouraging other businesses to get involved. Commenting on their award, Karbon Homes Group Chief Executive Paul Fiddaman said, “This last year has been tough on everybody, but especially for those Oasis supports, often without any family to rely on. So we were delighted to be able to support Oasis with their vital work during 2020, and we’re really pleased to be amongst those recognised in the Shared Value Awards.”

The charity’s other 2021 Winners include BGL group, Outside In and Zonta City of London group.

Find out more about our Shared Value Awards and the full list of this year’s winners;

Hazel Ditchburn, the charity’s Corporate Relationship’s Manager, added: “This past year the pandemic has exposed the true scale of the homelessness crisis and we could not have managed to continue delivering critical services without the generous support of our valued corporate partners and the dedicated individuals within these businesses.

“These awards are really a sincere thank you to our corporate partners, who do so much to support our mission.”

Free Awards event and business networking

Businesses are also invited to join our ‘Midday Oasis’ Business Networking event on Wednesday 26th May where we will be recognising and hearing from some of this year’s Shared Value Award winners, including Gentoo Group’s CEO Nigel Wilson (pictured above) and Muckle LLP’s Senior Partner Hugh Welch.

Register your interest for this free event on our ‘Midday Oasis: Beyond CSR’ page or contact hazel.ditchburn@oasiscommunityhousing.org for more information.