Mums find hope with Oasis Community Housing

Oasis Community Housing have two mother and baby units in Southwark, providing homes for 10 mothers and their children between the two projects. Support for mums is tailored to the individual, with the ultimate goal of enabling mothers and their children to live independently.

Young women are supported in building life skills, which include cooking, budgeting, managing a tenancy, caring for their babies, reconnecting with their families, in liaising with external agencies like Health Visitors and social workers as well as booking and attending mother and baby groups.


Alice was asked to leave the family home after her mum found out she was pregnant at 17. Homeless and with nowhere to turn she found herself in emergency temporary accommodation.

Alice gave birth to her daughter and came to the attention of social services. They found that Alice was a victim of domestic abuse, at the hands of her partner: the father of her baby.

Shortly afterwards and still without a permanent home and caring for her young daughter, Alice found herself pregnant again. This was when she came to Oasis Community Housing. Alice came to live in one of our mother and baby projects in Southwark and started working with Jess and the team there.

“Alice was very receptive to all the support offered to her. Staff supported Alice to attend all of her appointments, to engage in a programme to start rebuilding her life and understanding healthy relationships,” says Jess.


Alice gave birth to her second child, another daughter, whilst at our charity’s project. With the team’s tailored support for mums, she has settled into motherhood well.

Jess continues: “Alice is a very determined person who has had to deal with immigration issues, domestic abuse and parenting at a very young age. Despite all this, Alice continues to engage well with staff and other professionals and attends college online to improve her chances of getting employment.

“Alice really makes an effort to keep her flat nice and homely, she is often found cooking and or cleaning and playing with her two daughters.”

Hope for the future

The team at Southwark are hopeful Alice and her daughters have a bright future ahead of them.

“Social services closed her case recently as there were no further concerns. Alice was found be a good parent and her daughters have both developed healthy attachments and are reaching their age appropriate milestones.

“Parenthood has provided Alice with a positive and enriching experience despite the financial, social and physical abuse and neglect she has had to endure alongside a relationship break-down, teen pregnancy, domestic violence and lack of family support. The team are incredibly proud of everything she has achieved in such a short space of time.”

Recently Alice has been supported to start her move on process from our mother and baby unit so that she can resettle back in the community, living independently. We hope that Alice will continue with her studies and achieve all of self-set her goals.


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