North East coffee company Durham Coffee Roasters have chosen to support local homelessness charity Oasis Community Housing for their newest charity coffee partnership.

The father and daughter team of Carina and Benhard are dedicated to creating high quality coffee in the heart of County Durham and have a positive impact on their community whilst doing it.

The limited-edition charity coffee, which is a single origin bean from a family run farm in Rwanda showcasing notes of sweet vanilla and raisin with a hint of orange blossom, highlights a different coffee to their core offering.

Carina, Director at Durham Coffee Roasters, explained: ‘We may only be a small business, but giving back to our community where possible has always been important to us. Our charity coffees allow us to do just that; we release an exciting new limited-edition coffee, and 20% of each bag sold gets donated to a charity supporting our local community.’

Past charity collaborations have seen Durham Coffee Roasters raise donations for County Durham Community Foundation, Durham Food Bank and St. Cuthberts Hospice.

The team at local homelessness charity Oasis Community Housing were thrilled to be chosen for their newest charity roast. Sarah Lister, self-proclaimed coffee lover and Chief Operating Officer at Oasis Community Housing, loved the taste and the care behind it.

‘At our drop-ins solving homelessness starts over a cuppa. It’s the first thing we offer when weary souls come through our doors. We feel incredibly blessed to be chosen by Durham Coffee Roasters for their charity roast. And what a great tasting roast it is!

What more fitting way to raise money to give to our charity, and for the people coming through our doors, giving them hope and a path away from homelessness. Thank you to Durham Coffee Roasters and a huge thank you to every kind and thoughtful person who chooses to buy one of their charity bags of coffee.’

A loving approach to coffee

Carina and Bernhard are committed to an ethical and environmentally conscious approach to making delicious coffee. Their coffee is speciality graded and sourced from a sustainable supply chain which can be traced back directly to the farm. Suppliers work in close partnership with the farmers to ensure highest quality, sustainability and fair prices. This leads to long-term relationships helping coffee farmers to build sustainable businesses.

One of the first to pioneer new and unique technology in the UK, Durham Coffee Roasters freshly hand roast 60kg of green beans in small batches on their 12kg Air Motion Roaster which creates an exceptional and pure tasting coffee. The proess is also better for the environment, showing the duo’s commitment to sustainability at every stage.

Joanne Armstrong, Community Fundraising Manager at Oasis Community Housing, was lucky enough to visit the roastery and try the freshly roasted beans.

‘It was wonderful meeting Carina and hearing about the care that goes into something we can all take for granted. Alongside her father Bernhard she has created a business that oozes commitment and thoughtfulness.

‘The coffee was of course gorgeous, made even more so by the love that has gone into every stage. From sourcing beans that supports the farming families and eco system, to roasting in an environmentally friendly and considered way, and making a difference to small charities in the community.

‘We can’t wait to see it on the shelves and are so thankful to be chosen as the newest charity partner’.

You can buy the Oasis Community Housing and Durham Coffee Roasters bag here and find out more about their ethos and products here.