Over a third of domestic abuse starts or gets worse when a woman is pregnant.

Pregnancy is a time many of us look forward to and treasure – despite the challenges of morning sickness, tiredness and swollen ankles. So, it’s heartbreaking to think of the ordeal Emily, and many women like her, are faced with: domestic abuse in pregnancy.

Emily’s story

Earlier in the year, we shared the story of Emily. She was 32 weeks pregnant with her little boy, Charlie. Living out each day of that pregnancy not in anticipation of joy, but anticipating pain, violence and abuse. She had to climb out of a window in the middle of the night to get to safety.

“My partner started screaming at me. I don’t remember why. I never usually remember the whys anymore. Just the whats, and the feelings. I needed help.

“He’d locked me in the house. My phone had been smashed. An internal door was smashed. I was a mess, terrified of the impact of this stress on the baby. I needed out.”

A new life

Emily found us and, thanks to our supporters, we had the resources to offer her the support she needed to heal and grow. Her son was born in safety and they’re both thriving.  

Emily has kept in touch with Oasis Community Housing as she continued on her journey toward healing.  “I have always said that Oasis Commuity Housing gave me the foundations to start building a new life for me and my child.

“It gave me a sturdy setting to progress in further education and I now utilise my academic skills with my personal experiences to enable me to support other people. I am doing a job I love.

“Oasis Community Housing was there for me in the darkest, most challenging period of my life.”

Our charity Christmas card

Emily attended a card-making session at our projects this November and created the design for our 2022 charity Christmas card.

We think it’s lovely and think you will too. Thank you Emily. And a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us this year in our mission to bring hope, not homelessness.

“If it wasn’t for the Empower [domestic abuse] team, I wouldn’t have found the strength to get back on track. That support will stay with me forever.”

* Names have been changed to protect identity