We’d like to tell you about Marta and her rabbit

Marta* and her family came to our service fleeing racial harassment. They thought they had found safety with two strangers they met online, but this quickly fell apart. Leaving them with nowhere to go and their belongings in bags about their feet.

They arrived with everything they owned and their beloved pets, a cat and rabbit. With nowhere to sleep that night they desperately needed somewhere safe to stay . The team arranged emergency accommodation for that night.

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Marta and her family were safely transported to their short term home, food was arranged for the family – not forgetting the pets. Marta was incredibly grateful for the warmth and speed of the support texting the team that night to say thank you.

A few days later they were moved to more suitable long term accommodation where they could put down roots.

Thanks to supporters like you we have the funds to support Marta and her family so they can begin to piece their lives back together again.

You have the power to give Marta and others like her hope. Every donation we receive this week will be doubled through The Big Give.

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Through Big Give week (30 Nov – 7 Dec 2021), we will be sharing 7 stories over 7 days. Stories of pain, but also stories of hope. We hope you stay with us on this journey and help us raise as much money as possible to bring hope not homelessness.