“I absolutely loved living here, it really made me come out of my shell and be more confident,” says Lucy*, who found herself homeless and moved into our No.3 project in south London in 2018.

No.3, in Peckham, was the Oasis Charitable Trust’s first housing project. 31 years on, its aim remains the same: to support young people experiencing homelessness on their journey towards independent living.

“When I first arrived, I was very shy,” Lucy shares. “But I quickly made friends with the other residents and settled down.

“The atmosphere is very lively and friendly, you find you get on with most people and build your sense of community.

“The staff go above and beyond to support you with all sorts of different challenges and issues and they’re really friendly.”

Lucy moved out last summer (June 2020), feeling confident and supported by the “brilliant staff” and is now waiting to get her own place.

Jaimee Hendry, the charity’s Project Team Leader at No.3, commented: “We’re very proud of Lucy, who has shown great commitment to develop her independent living skills and confidence throughout her journey in our service.

“We are most proud that, despite the great number of obstacles Lucy faced, she never veered from her commitment to give back and volunteer at various youth clubs, Scouts and playgroups in the community come sunshine, rain or snow. She has blossomed into a kind, funny and generous young woman right before our eyes.

“Lucy has now graduated to one of our semi-independent properties and will soon be bidding for her permanent home where we have no doubt that she will continue to excel.

“Lucy, we are proud of your commitment to grow, evolve and challenge yourself. What defines us is not where we come from, but what we are willing to do about it – and you certainly came and conquered!

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* Lucy’s name has been changed