Worth is one of our charity’s core values and believe all people deserve love and support to thrive.

Sadly the daily reality of those facing domestic abuse is one where they are left feeling small, unimportant and alone. Worthless.

Domestic abuse and coercive control leaves a deep imprint long after the relationship ends.

Our Empower team help women re-write their own narratives. Overcome the myth that they are not truly wonderful, unique and special. Help them to remember who they are what they are worth.

From weekly group sessions, 1-2-1 work and craft sessions, our Empower programme builds women back up to the place of worth they deserve. They provide the love, guidance, support and care women need when they need it.

“It’s just nice to know there is someone out there that I can talk to about all this stuff sometimes because it’s so big and so overwhelming at times, I’m doing all I can to keep moving forward”

With reports of domestic abuse rising during COVID-19 now more than ever we must do all we can to support those facing domestic violence and living in fear to find hope and reclaim their worth.