Regular Giving

Become a Cornerstone Giver 

When people like you decide to make a difference lives are restored.  Become a Cornerstone for people in your community facing homelessness.

Join our community of regular givers and rebuild lives from the ground up.

Moments to set up – a lifetime of impact.

Why give?

You get to be part of something special
– you will be the stone on which lives are built and paths are laid away from abuse, trauma, and homelessness. You get to help us offer someone a new life.

It’s affordable and convenient – spread the cost so you can give hope each month automatically.

It’s a community – a dedicated group of supporters, collectively making a real impact.

It’s sustained support – when times are tough, other funds may be out of reach but the need is still deep, you will be there for us so we can be there for them.

 “When I moved into my Naomi flat it was the first time I’d unpacked a bag in years. I felt safe. I unpacked everything!”
Amanda, Former Resident

We tackle people’s immediate needs and the root causes of homelessness, delivering critical support that thousands of people rely on every day. Our comprehensive person-centred support, to help someone out of homelessness and into a home, typically costs £2,000 over the course of a year.

What we do


Amanda’s story