OutsideIn is a clothing company that gives back. Donating an item for every item bought with their ‘Wear One, Share One’ scheme. Even during Summer, keeping warm is a major issue for those sleeping rough – which is why the socially conscious company has donated over 600 items including hats, socks and fleeces to our North East drop-ins.

As the world re opens, it’s easy to forget that things are not really changing for some people within our communities. Many people facing homelessness don’t have the financial stability to pop to the shops for a long-awaited outing. And for the people accessing our drop ins, just buying the necessary basics can be a source of huge stress.

David Johnson, founder of OutsideIn, a socially conscious UK company, is keenly aware of the complexities of life for homeless people.

David worked as an Edinburgh based photographer with ‘Humans of Edinburgh’, a project telling the stories of individuals from the city, and through his photography got to know the people behind the homelessness. It was this work which inspired him to set up a company that gives something back.

OutsideIn have been supporting Oasis Community Housing by donating over 600 items including beanies, socks and cosy fleeces to our North East drop ins.

The online retailer firmly believes that people facing the stress of homelessness deserve new, high quality items; in keeping with our values at Oasis Community Housing where we strive to see the person, the story behind every situation and to reignite people’s value and God-given worth.

Both of our drop ins have seen a positive response to the OutsideIn items with Dave Cawley, Project Team Leader of Basis Sunderland sharing that its nice to have some things that allow people to express their characters; “Richie* liked the fact that there are options, he took a yellow beanie and the next week came back for a pale blue one.”

Vikki from Basis Gateshead said, “The black fleeces are awesome, just so practical and we’ve had lots of feedback on the socks being so soft and comfortable.

“The hats have been popular too, one of our regulars was really excited by the options and took a few for his mates [who hadn’t come to the drop-in that day]”.

Oasis Community Housing’s Corporate Relationships Manager, Hazel Ditchburn, said, “It is fantastic working with Outside In, we have been overwhelmed by their energy, passion and commitment to supporting our work and helping to bridge the gap between society and people facing homelessness.

“The products donated have been so well received by our projects and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Miranda and the team at OutsideIn for their continued support.”