Tackling trauma, ending homelessness

94% of people facing homelessness have suffered trauma.

Multiple, devastating events such as sexual abuse or domestic abuse, loss of loved ones, violence and war.

Furthermore, homelessness itself is a trauma.

Yet, less than half of people have received the specialist help they need to tackle their trauma.

Latest research by Northumbria University shows it is futile to try to respond to homelessness without addressing trauma.

That’s why we are calling on the Government to:

  • Establish minimum standards for the delivery of trauma-informed homelessness support services
  • Develop and roll out a national trauma-informed training programme for frontline homelessness support staff
  • Thereafter, Local Authorities are required to only commission services supporting people experiencing homelessness that are trauma-informed, psychologically-informed and person-centre
  • Develop dedicated mental health pathways for people experiencing homelessness that acknowledge and reflect the challenges posed by the chaos of homelessness and the impact of trauma

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