Our urban garden project started with a desire to make things a little nicer and it grew (pardon the pun) into a garden full of life. It’s been a life line for Jaimie.*

“Though I’ve struggled with depression for a long time, the recent lockdowns have caused me to become more detached and isolated than before.

“Days and weeks have been becoming increasingly stagnant and monotonous. I reckon the only routine I’ve had is putting my bin out on a Wednesday and seeing my mam on the weekends and I have been trying to substitute the lack of a social life with social media and excessive drinking. I’ve been in need of change in my life for a while now.”

Jaimie started coming to our Aspire training and skills project regularly and began to build in confidence.

” I was grateful for the opportunity to get involved in some gardening. It’s been a good incentive for me to get out the house. I’ve learnt to plant, re-pot and help with the maintenance and am growing two of my own now.

“I enjoyed making the bird boxes with Handcrafted both for the company and for filling up the day with something meaningful.

“The staff have been lovely, welcoming and supportive. I’ve felt appreciated, keeping myself occupied with something that’ll serve a purpose has done me good, helped me cut down on the alcohol and generate a bit of momentum in my life again.”

Thanks to our community supporters we’ve been able to give hope to so many through the urban garden project at our Basis drop-in.

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