As many as 15,000 rough sleepers have been moved into temporary accommodation this year, with Oasis Community Housing working with other homelessness charities and agencies to deliver initiatives such as ‘Everyone In’.

The ‘Everyone In’ scheme has effectively ended but Oasis’ newly established Re-settlement team is delivering 7-day a week support to ensure the hundreds of people the charity temporarily housed have a safe and stable environment to call home.

The charity also continues to maintain a lifeline for those evicted from temporary accommodation and others too frightened to take up the offer – including one woman who fled domestic abuse and was living in her car.

Phil Conn, Director of Programmes, said: “We adapted quickly to ensure that the people placed in hotels in our locality were provided with support. This is because we’re firm believers that accommodation is only one element in the solution to homelessness; it is not the complete solution.

“So many of the people we work with are dealing with deep trauma, battling addiction and are trapped in a cycle that will take more than a quick placement in a hotel to break. We’re committed to the long haul.”