Our Head of Programmes Response, Claire Temple signed up to complete the Great North Run. A complete running novice she shares how she’s found her journey so far.

“A runner you are not”

“…echoed the words in my head from Mrs Cooper. My PE teacher when I was 13 years old. I was transported back to this very moment in time, I could see my 13 year old self huffing and puffing doing cross country running, hating every single minute of it, when the very words “I would like to sign up for the Great North Run” came out of my mouth!

That was it- the words were out! I told my colleagues, only one laughed (Sally) there was no going back now. I had committed myself to this half marathon and I was doing it for charity! The organisation I work for So there was no backing out. This was happening and I hadn’t even managed to get past week one on couch25k (a running app) , it took me 9 weeks of repeating week one before I could move on to week 2. It was now June and time was looming down on me.”


“I downloaded a half marathon training app on my phone and started my 12 weeks training for this half marathon I had heard so much about but hadn’t ever had the inclination to do.

“I have ranted, complained profusely, laughed, cried tears of joy and anger, been sick in the bushes and almost collapsed with exhaustion doing this training. What has spurred me on is the amazing support I have received from friends, family colleagues, I keep a video diary on my Facebook and I honestly can’t believe how many of my FB friends have sent me personal messages telling me that “I” have inspired them to get their trainers on and just move.”

Finding focus

“When I’m out running on a rainy morning instead of moaning about it now I thank god for the blessings I have in my life and I remember why I’m doing this!

“No one chooses to be homeless! None of the people we serve have chosen this way of life,
I am so grateful that I am in the fortunate position to have the opportunity to take part in this amazing event and raise money and awareness for the people we serve.

It’s time to change the narrative

A runner I am


If you would like to sign up to the Great North Run or find out more about our fundraising opportunities head to our events page