Faith in Action

As a Christian charity, our vision is for everyone to be part of a community where they are included, belong and have what they need to reach their God-given potential.

Join our mission to make homelessness a thing of the past.

Homelessness Sunday

8 October

This Homelessness Sunday, 8th October,  we’re asking you to take time out in your lives as individuals and in your communities as churches to make a difference to people facing homelessness. For prayer, discussion and action. We have created a simple service plan to enable churches to hold space during a church service for those facing homelessness. Fill out our enquiry form or speak to Jo Armstrong to request a pack.


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Our projects rely on our regular givers. Join our community of Cornerstone Givers today and help us build the foundations of hope for people facing homelessness. Moments to set up – a lifetime of impact.

Fundraising as a church speaks a powerful message of unity and hope. Whether its a bake sale, quiz night, our Lent ‘Mile In Their Shoes’ or even a sponsored pilgrimage, there are so many ways to put your faith into action and support our work.



“Oasis Community Housing works from the clear Christian base that we have a deep hope that things can be transformed, no matter what they current circumstances may say” –The Right Rev. Mark Bryant, charity trustee.

Stand alongside us as we bring light into the darkness of homelessness. Take time in your service to pray for our mission and the plight of those we support.



We have seen countless lives changed and reignited through our projects.

Invite us to come and share these stories, so your church can be inspired into prayer, giving and action.

Contact Joanne Armstrong for our full range of Church materials.

To discuss your church’s support, helping give hope to thousands of people facing homelessness,
please contact Jo Armstrong on or 07704 168367