At the start of the pandemic, the UK government pledged to give everyone facing homelessness a safe place to stay through ‘Everyone In’. But as life begins to return to some form of normality, it seems it’s also becoming business as usual for rough sleepers this World Homeless Day (10 October).

According to government figures, there were 52 per cent more people sleeping rough in 2020 than in 2010. While Everyone In made great strides in tackling homelessness, the most recent report from the Institute of Global Homelessness says that almost 350,000 people in the UK still have no roof over their heads.

In fact, recent statistics highlight that homelessness could be heading for a major increase. Data shows that 130,000 households in England alone are now facing homelessness in the wake of the pandemic.

The reason for such a spike includes a ban on evictions being lifted, an increase in domestic abuse and the withdrawal of temporary accommodation provided by Everyone In.

The scheme provided a place for 37,000 rough sleepers to stay during the early days of the pandemic. Now, however, 10,000 of those who were accommodated are still without long-term accommodation.

Such stark figures highlight what a major issue homelessness is – and, to draw attention to the plight, events across the globe will take place on 10 October as part of World Homeless Day.

What is World Homeless Day?

World Homeless Day, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, was launched to respond to homelessness from countries around the world. Its purpose is to focus attention on those who experience homelessness and give communities the chance to get involved with awareness-raising opportunities. Events that are being planned across the world include those that:

  • Educate people about homeless issues
  • Celebrate and support local good works
  • Highlight issues in the media
  • Thank volunteers with awards
  • Raise funds for homeless charities

Organisers of World Homeless Day will also be lobbying politicians at both a local and national level to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless. They hope that politicians will push homelessness further up their agendas.

What will we be doing?

At Oasis Housing Community Housing, we’re continuing to help almost 2,000 men, women and vulnerable families in homelessness crisis every year. We help people recover, cope and thrive in the face of severe personal, family and social adversity. We help people find a place they can belong; a home.

This Homelessness Sunday, please join us and others across the world in raising awareness of everyone who is still facing homelessness this winter:

  • Praying for and recommitting ourselves to serving all those experiencing homelessness; to providing the poor wanderer with shelter, and in loosing the chains of injustice which cause and sustain homelessness in our society today
  • Sharing our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts about the charity’s drop-in times and other homelessness services, using the hashtag #WorldHomelessDay
  • Joining our community of supporters in making a donation or perhaps signing up to become a Cornerstone Giver with a monthly gift that would help us build the foundations of hope for thousands of people experiencing homelessness every year.