Writing to your MP

Writing to your MP

Write to Felicity Buchan Minister for Housing and Homelessness or Mike Amesbury Shadow Minister for Building Safety and Homelessness:

Write to your MP:

One of the best ways to bring attention to homelessness in your community is to write to your MP. It gives them a better understanding of their constituents’ concerns and helps them to represent you better in parliament.

It is your MP’s responsibility to make your views known in Parliament. They represent their community and can address local (and sometimes national) issues.

Who is my MP?

Find out who your local MP is by going to https://www.theyworkforyou.com/

Or, call the House of Commons Information Office on 020 7219 4272.

How do I contact my MP?

MPs typically have an office in their constituency (your local area), and also in Parliament. You can contact them by telephone, letter, or by email. Find your MP’s constituency office address and phone number through https://www.theyworkforyou.com/

Top tips for writing to your MP

In our digital-first age, handwritten letters really stand out. But MPs will also respond to emails, and it can be preferable to correspond this way.

If you’re writing to your MP for the first time, start by introducing yourself, include your address and postcode so they know where to send a response.

While it’s important to state your concerns, you should also make sure that you ask your MP to do something – to take action.

Finally, ask your MP to let you know how they’ve acted or plan to act on the issue you’ve raised. If you’ve not had a reply from your MP after a few weeks, it’s fine to follow up via email or by calling their office.

Letter template

Remember, a personalised letter from a passionate constituent, who sets out why an issue is so important to them, is one of the most effective ways to see meaningful action.

For our trauma campaign we’ve written a template you could use to guide you as you write to your MP.