Death and taxes are the two certainties in life, it’s said. You can add a third in this country: elections. And, having had a spate of local elections over the summer, we know that, over the next year there is likely to be a general election. It can happen no later than the end of January 2025.  

Elections are times when we get to mark our MP’s score card, vote them in again or choose an alternative based on local issues, and national concerns. We are very lucky that we have that option.  

Whichever government is elected, they will have to tackle the growing problem of homelessness. The number of people rough sleeping has risen, as has the number of people experiencing homelessness overall. Some 271,000 households are now experiencing homelessness in the England, and 2,447 people are sleeping rough 

We believe that it is vital that, whichever government is elected next, that a trauma-informed approach to working with those facing homelessness is at the heart of their policies.  

So, we’re excited to be holding an event at the Labour Party Fringe on October 8 to talk about just this issue. We’ll be joined by Paula Barker MP, Mike Amesbury MP, and Kim McGuinness Northumbria Police & Crime Commissioner, as well as a former resident of one of our homes who now offers Chaplaincy support to residents of the very same homeservice users and those involved in the provision of care for them 

If you’re in Liverpool for the Labour Party Conference on Sunday 8 October, we’d love to see you there. Join us at the Leonardo Hotel, Room 9, on Sunday from 3.30pm. 

If you can’t be in Liverpool, there are things that you can do to help. First, you can write to your MP highlighting the need for trauma-informed work with those experiencing homelessness.  This will help raise the issue. Every letter can and will make a difference.  

Also, if your church is marking Homelessness Sunday, why not consider using Oasis Community Housing’s service outline? It can help your congregation focus on this important issue on Homelessness Sunday. Whatever you do on that day, we are grateful for your ongoing support.

David Smith, CEO Oasis Community Housing