As we seek to offer more support, to more people, in more places, our 2021 – 2024 Organisational Strategy sets out our direction of travel and priorities.

This latest strategy represents our attempt to blend our heart and our head such that we can increasingly address the national scandal that homelessness has become, without losing the essence of what makes Oasis Community Housing’s work so effective in seeing lives transformed for the better.

By 2024, our goal is that Oasis Community Housing will become the leading, national, Christ-centred homelessness charity in England.

Therefore, to grow the capacity of our services in order to maximise the impact of what we do,
our priorities for 2021 – 2024 are:

1. To have a substantial range of our activity in at least four English regions

2. To be sought out as a valued and respected homelessness charity by key stakeholders in local authority, housing associations, Church, Government departments and the wider sector

3. To ensure that our ethos and values remain central to the way that we work, and that we are articulating it in the way that we talk about it to others

4. To be a financially-resilient organisation with a sustainable and mixed income stream

5. To ensure we have the right people, processes and tools to support these strategic objectives